The Challenge 

To create and curate a campaign to promote The Perceptual Shift- the first of its kind sculpture by world renowned artist, Michael Murphy. 

The Idea 

We came together with New York based company Art+Hustle to curate artist Michael Murphy's unveiling of his latest one of a kind installation, Perceptual Shift. The sculpture itself is the first of its kind. We set out to create a campaign that was as ambitious as the piece itself. Just the like the sculpture the campaign needed to be bold and inquisitive to really spark people's interest as to what exactly was taking place. We launched #canyouseenyc. #canyouseenyc was a guerrilla style marketing campaign set to spark curiosity throughout the city of New York. 



1. Creative Direction 

2. Artistic Direction

3. Logo Design

4. Web development

5. Event Coordination


The Results 

The exhibition amassed over 80 million impressions world wide. It was featured in over 100 online blogs, magazines, and news outlets. The opening reception for the exhibition also received over 500+ RSVPs and was attended by people from around the world.