The Challenge 

We were contacted by the new "Bushwick inspired"  Bklyn House Hotel, in Brooklyn, NY to come up with a way in which they embrace the local artistic community within the hotel. 


The Idea 

We came up with the idea to create a mural on each floor of hotel representing a different neighborhood in Brooklyn. We decided the most effective way to embrace the local arts community was to partner with a local art gallery. So we contacted Brooklyn based gallery, IMAGE, and asked them to be a part of the project. Along with IMAGE, we selected a group of 11 artists and assigned them each a neighborhood in Brooklyn. 



1. Creative Direction

2. Art Direction

3. Video Production 

4. Marketing


The Results 

Lobby of Bklyn House, mural by artist Dink C

Lobby of Bklyn House, mural by artist Dink C